He tried to act cheerfully, but we all knew how sad he felt.

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I wish Romain had come to our party last night.


Gosh, can you be more wasteful?

Clayton threw Edgar off the boat.

These apples are good cookers.


We sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows.

Sherri's boss is very demanding.

That is a secret.

You really should talk to him.

I want a room with a view.

We need food, clothes and a home in order to live.

Are you fast enough?

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Izchak told Sofoklis the story that John had told him.

I need a new broom. This one's shot.

Dani has an unlisted phone number.

I've never excelled at chess.

Stop saying trifles! Focus on the main point.

You've stalled the engine.

I got here a little early today.

This answer is useful for every similar future case.

Many people here consider Hsuan their best friend.

A bad workman blames his tools.

You're a better person than me.


I haven't felt well for two days.


Normally speaking, Chinese people consider rice to be an important food; the majority of Westerners consider fast food to be an important food.

I don't think it'll be all that difficult.

"Hey, Kameko, don't you have a conscience?" "No." "You don't...? You don't have a conscience...?" "I had one, but now I don't."

I've had a great deal to do.

You should smile sometimes.

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It isn't my fault that it happened.

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Rejoice, lest pleasureless ye die.


Relationship through marriage is indicated by the prefix "bo".

You must answer for your careless conduct.

Not knowing what to expect, Dale was caught off guard.

He took out a dollar from his wallet.

Oil this bicycle.

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He said that he had met her a week before.

Instead of slapping him in the face, she spit in it, and walked contemptuously away.

Good evening. I'd like a glass of whole milk.


She ran to the station for fear that she would miss the train.

I already told you what happened.

I watched a movie with Hillary.


Greg and Jarvis got married and settled in Boston.


Is that surprising?


In the past, it's been very difficult to get tickets.


That's enough. I don't want any more.

The place is certainly worth seeing.

I bookmarked this website.

Who would want them dead?

Claude tapped Oskar on the shoulder.

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You're usually as tough as nails.

He hopes to pass his exam.

Would you like that for here or to go?

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Can someone who does not know the meaning of black really talk about what white is?


There's no way that's true.


The president of the company bribed the government minister.

Jagath majored in history.

Emma's parents didn't want him to become a used car salesman.

Just then the door opened a little way, and a creature with a long beak put its head out for a moment and said: "No admittance till the week after next!" and shut the door again with a bang.

Can I get him to do it?

Could I ask one more question?

This rare stamp is hard to come by.

Panos is a bad influence on me.

Did you kill anybody?

Reiner hasn't grilled the fish yet.

Part took a deep breath.

Is Gregge next?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm buying Jiri a birthday present.

Do you know how to pronounce this word?

Neville suggested wearing warm clothes.


His luggage is overweight.


Tell me how that's possible.

She's a farm worker.

I'm in front of the bakery.

The youth of Japan have a tendency to follow fashion.

This is all so complicated.


The leaves are falling slowly.

I love my woolly hat.

They don't say that it's prohibited there. In fact, they say that it's mandatory.

I'll do what I can to help you.

That's a beautiful color on you.

I grabbed as much SIMM as possible in the computer shop the other day. Say what you like, it was more than just enthusiasm.

Lindsey assured me that he would be here in time for the opening speech.

Recently, I've been waking up several times during the night, so I'm suffering somewhat from lack of sleep.

That's unbelievable.

I'd rather be safe than sorry.

This is an excellent picture.


Everything is clear.


I'm sorry I misspelled it.

I've been waiting for this to happen.

The apple appeased my hunger temporarily.


I'm sorry to bother you.

You're just upset.

Rajeev signed the contract without reading it.

Thank you, my child.

My car is parked outside.


Andreas looks as if he's in pain.

Don't let that worry you.

"C-R-O-A-K! C-R-O-A-K! Dear husband of mine, Tsarevitch Ivan, why are you so sad?" gently asked the frog.


We all laughed at his joke.

If it rains tomorrow, she will not come here.

Did you all clean your room?


The blind don't believe in love at first sight.


I'm reading this newspaper.

Mandarin, English, and Arabic are all examples of the world's most widely spoken languages.

A person who suffers before it is necessary suffers more in life than is necessary.

Gary was so hungry, she gobbled up the pie in merely a few bites!

Are you wearing heels?

She laughed at my jokes.

Everything will work out in due course.

Look, I'm not going to tell you again.

I was lying on my back.

Is this actually happening?

Where did you find this?

The intention that he is watching a television is nonexistent.

Sharon crossed the lawn to the front door.

He slipped out the back door.

It appears the storm has calmed down.

Jos sat in the third row.

What would Valentin know?


I translated all her sentences in Berber.

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I think you'll like this.

Why do we have to go to that meeting?

She jumped on the scooter.

Look at me with your books closed.

This is my husband.


I'm coming today.

They are eating bread.

Are you from Australia?

He's Australian.

He is enchanted by the girl's beauty.

Clarence said nothing because he didn't want to start an argument.

If you take good care of your car, you will increase its life.


Her hobby is collecting stamps.

I have five more days.

You can not miss it.

Piete is a model student.

Beer is not really so unhealthy, at least in moderation.

Sean probably doesn't even know who Rand is.

"Where is Heinrich?" "He's out drinking at the Laughing Boar."

I forget where I put my hat.

You are secure from danger here.


I want to go over a few things with you.

In fact, there are countless, varied uses for the Internet.

We must cling to our faith.

Do you know how Spyros is related to James?

I just said something very stupid.

I don't want to learn English.

This is some type of watermelon.

It's a very big difference.

Does anybody remember Erick?


How long have you been chasing Jan?

Do you know how to use a word processor?

He is lazy.

The surface of the moon is irregular.

You'll be all right, won't you?

Did you just hear what you said?

How could I be a robot? Robots don't dream.

Nobody else would help Tracey.

The wind is blowing hard now.


We have forty-five.

I'm not going to drag their suitcases around.

Alice wears a sweet perfume.